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A Tile Shower in Merritt Island Looks Gorgeous After Getting Our Grout Cleaning Services

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March 20, 2023

A clean shower can relax the senses after a long day, so you can imagine how a dirty shower can ruin a person's day. A homeowner in Merrit Island was growing more frustrated by the day as she ran out of options to make her standing shower look clean. The yellowed grout lines along the shower walls conveyed an unhygienic appearance despite the homeowner's best efforts to keep mold and soap scum off her bathroom surfaces.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Merritt Island
She knew that dealing with the stained grout would get even harder if she let more time pass without making any progress. With that in mind, the homeowner set out to find a reliable restoration service in the area, and her search led her to the best >grout cleaning in Merritt Island. From the moment she found Sir Grout Space Coast online, she was amazed by the quality of our results and our crew's knowledge when working on different household surfaces. From that point, no time was wasted, and our techs went to her house a few days after she contacted them via our "Request a Quote" form.

They thoroughly inspected the shower during that first visit, from the tiles to the filthy grout. On top of the most visible stains, mold gathered around multiple crevices, and some seams needed to be reinforced. The grout had been significantly affected by the harsh chemicals in the cleaners used during the chores. When combined with the ingredients of shower products and regular moisture left on the walls and around the drain, the grout lines became all the more vulnerable to discoloration. Our techs explained that it's common for shower grout to take a yellow or orange color after being exposed to all these conditions. Regular cleaning usually did nothing to stop the problem since most store-bought products had at least one or two harmful ingredients. Luckily, there was no structural damage to the seams, and all the other issues could be solved in a single appointment with our restoration crew. Our techs offered to return to the client's house in a few days to clean the shower deep and repair the grout. The client gladly agreed, and everything was settled for the restoration.

On the appointed date, our techs returned to the client's house in Merritt Island. With all the necessary equipment, they began deep cleaning the shower, going through each surface without any rush to remove all traces of mold, mildew, and soap scum. For this part of the process, they applied a pH-neutral cleaner that helped detach the worst elements from the floor and the walls. Our product provides enough cleaning power that no other formulas are needed to get the job done. Once the shower was spotless, our techs steam cleaned the area for good measure, enhancing the protection on the seams, the lower side of the walls, and other hard-to-reach surfaces.

The next step involved repairing the loose caulk on the seams. Our techs installed epoxy grout to increase the joint's durability against liquids and decay. Then, they applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines, slowly transforming the shower as they made their way from the ceiling to the floor. Following the homeowner's request, our techs used white to recolor all the grout lines. The result brought together the different patterns created by the tiles into a beautiful, elegant layout. Thanks to our acrylic-based sealant, grout surfaces can stay spotless for weeks because a barrier keeps mold, mildew, grime, soap scum, and other elements away from the grout pores. It's the best asset for grout maintenance, especially around high-traffic surfaces.

Our techs called the client back into the bathroom to let her see the results. The beauty of her shower took her breath away, and she praised all the care our crew put into restoring the grout lines. The shower looked terrific, and the homeowner couldn't wait to show it off the next time she had relatives over. After thanking our specialists, she promised to recommend our services to everyone she knew.

Before leaving the client's home, our techs shared additional cleaning tips to help her maintain the shower's brand-new look. To avoid discoloration on grout and tile surfaces, they recommended using only pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Other formulas create a foamy film that traps the dirt on the pores, ultimately helping spread stains. By contrast, our product has a quick effect that removes most stains with little scrubbing. It's also free of chemical ingredients, so homeowners don't have to worry about releasing toxic fumes all over their living spaces.

Other recommendations were also aimed at reducing the homeowner's efforts during her cleaning sessions. To scrub the worst stains, our techs told her to use non-abrasive tools like a clean towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee. This would also eliminate the chances of scratches on the tiles. Lastly, they recommended opening the windows and doors to keep the air from getting stale. Bathroom surfaces are vulnerable to moisture buildup, and good indoor ventilation can save homeowners many headaches during their chores.

Sir Grout Space Coast brings the best care to revamp the most essential parts of your home. Our hard surface restoration services have no match, and that's why we've earned the trust of countless homeowners in Merritt Island and its surrounding areas. If you want to give your shower a well-deserved makeover, call (321) 450-7440, or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to ask for an in-home consultation. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.

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