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Our Grout Sealing Crew Restored the Beauty of This Tile Floor in Merritt Island

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April 27, 2023

A homeowner in Merritt Island contacted our specialists to help restore the beauty of her floors. Cleaning the main hallway always demanded more time and effort. The homeowner took it in stride, knowing that more dirt was to be expected in an area that connected most of the rooms in the house. Still, even she was surprised by the thick dirt clinging to the floor's grout lines. Seeing how the dirty grout make such an open space look shabby and cramped was shocking.

 Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Sealing in Merritt Island
The homeowner had become frustrated and exhausted from all the extra care she'd put on the tile floor. Store-bought cleaners did not affect the grout, and there was no point in trying other restoration tips on her own without knowing their long-term effects on hard surfaces. Luckily, she found Sir Grout Space Coast not long after the problem started taking a toll on her. After reading about our services online, trusting our Merritt Island grout sealing was more straightforward than she initially expected. The homeowner didn't hesitate while filling out our "Request a Quote" form, and our specialists didn't keep her waiting.

They visited her house only a few days after she contacted Sir Grout Space Coast for an in-home evaluation. Our techs walked the hallway from end to end, stopping around areas where most footprints would land. At the same time, they explained the causes of the problem to help the client in her future cleaning efforts. The floor had gone unsealed for too long, as shown by the heavy dirt covering the grout in all directions. While traditional cleaners and detergents are expected to counter the problem, many of the ingredients in their formulas open the grout pores and keep the dirt on top once it has slipped into the surface. The deterioration will be more evident on high-traffic surfaces since people can easily carry soil, grime, stickiness, and mud from outdoors and other parts of the house.

Our specialists offered to clean and seal the floor using their special equipment to make the results stand the test of time. The client was very interested in our methods. She asked for more information and scheduled a new appointment after our specialists reviewed the process.

Our techs returned a couple of days after the inspection. They put their equipment in place and scrubbed the floors until most of the dirt had detached from the grout lines. To do this, they soaked the surface with a powerful pH-neutral cleaner and ran a high-speed scrubbing machine multiple times. Our cleaner stands out from other products because it eliminates stubborn everyday stains without weakening hard surfaces with harsh ingredients. It enhances the color of tile floors and helps upkeep sealed grout lines with no additional effort.

To seal the clean grout, our specialists applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines without missing any portion of the hallway floor. Our flagship sealant is known for bringing beautiful results while simplifying grout maintenance. It keeps grime, water, mold, mildew, and other elements from slipping into the grout pores while resisting the worst effects of wear and tear. Because it's available in multiple colors, our sealant can always match the tiles' design and bring out the most attractive parts of your surface. In no time, our specialists had transformed the hallway floor, with the same warm colors shining through the tiles and the grout.

They buffed the floor one last time to make it glow and let the client look at the results. By then, the foundation had an elegant look that brightened the whole area, making the hallway cheerful and welcoming. The client was pleased with the results and promised to recommend our grout sealing services to everyone she knew in Merritt Island.

The restoration would simplify things to help the client shine her floor without spending hours working on dirty grout. Still, our techs gave her additional cleaning tips to help her along the way. They reminded her of the damage caused by generic cleaners and detergents, introducing pH-neutral cleaners as the safest and most effective alternative. Neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner work best at keeping dirt and other external elements off grout and tiles. Our cleaner also ensures a smooth process because it doesn't need additional products to bring the expected results. After each cleaning session, you don't have to spend as much time cleaning high-surface areas, and no longer worry about toxic fumes permeating your living spaces.

Our crew also recommended using a mop, a towel, or a terry cloth to scrub off old stains after they become embedded in the surface. Non-abrasive tools are easier to work with and are not likely to leave scratches and other marks on the tiles. To help prevent moisture buildup, our techs suggested opening the windows and doors a few hours a day.

Staying on top of your cleaning routine in a crowded part of a house can be tricky, but Sir Grout Space Coast's grout sealing is the best way to keep your efforts from going to waste later on. We're always ready to adapt our services to whatever you need so that you can trust us with any hard surface damage, from dirty grout to tile discoloration. Feel free to call (321) 450-7440 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to ask for an in-home consultation. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates. Sir Grout Space Coast has the answer to make your surfaces look their best at all times.

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