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A Paver in Cocoa Got a Full Transformation from Our Stone Cleaning Techs

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April 24, 2024

A homeowner in Cocoa despaired over the state of his paver and how it likely left the wrong impression on any passersby walking by his home. Cleaning outdoor surfaces is already tricky under the best circumstances, and the homeowner found himself juggling with different problems at once. Extensive renovations had left a lot of debris around the fašade, and a sudden storm carried even more dirt to his entrance. It took less than two weeks for the paver to show years' worth of neglect despite the owner's best efforts to clean the stone tiles.

Paver Before and After a Stone Cleaning in Cocoa
With the paver in such a state, the homeowner knew he needed professional guidance and the most advanced equipment. He went online looking for options and discovered Sir Grout Space Coast early on in his search. After a few minutes of perusing our online content, he was convinced he could trust our stone cleaning service in Cocoa, so he gave us a call to schedule an appointment. Our agent answered all his questions and told him that our techs could visit his house any time of the week, so he chose the most convenient date for an in-home evaluation and thanked the agent for his assistance.

A few days later, our specialists went to his house as scheduled. They evaluated the stone floor and tested their products on the surface to determine the extent of the damage. As shown by their efforts, the stone tiles were not cracked under the dirt, but the discoloration was severe. The entire stone surface was covered in dirt, so it was hard to guess its original color. When the client asked about it, our techs explained that natural stone surfaces can easily absorb many external elements due to their porous surface. The paver was exposed to dust, foot traffic, direct sunlight, spills, and more, so keeping the stains from growing with so much dirt already embedded in the tiles was hard. Unfortunately, generic cleaners would do nearly nothing to improve the floor's look, so our experts offered to revamp the floor with a complete cleaning and sealing service. The client was endlessly grateful for their assistance and immediately accepted their offer.

At his convenience, our techs returned to the house after two days with everything they needed to work on the floor. The hardest part was getting through all the dirt covering the tiles, so they meticulously soaked the surface with permeating cleaner and made several laps with a high-speed scrubbing machine. Our stone-safe cleaner has all the necessary ingredients to deal with the most challenging chores, including restoring large outdoor surfaces made of natural stone.

Following this, our specialists sealed the surface and buffed the floor to preserve the tiles' deep red shades. Our stone-safe sealant provides lasting protection against external elements and the effects of wear and tear. It's the ideal solution to simplify the maintenance of outdoor stone surfaces.

The client was beyond pleased with the result. He feared the discoloration would remain on parts of the floor, but all the tiles looked terrific. He thanked our crew for their work on the paver and promised to spread the word about our services in the Cocoa area.

Here are the tips our techs shared with the client at the end of the appointment: First, they recommended pH-neutral cleaners to upgrade the maintenance of outdoor surfaces. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner doesn't stop at removing stains, it also eliminates all the drawbacks attached to traditional products. Our product doesn't cause discoloration after exposing natural stone surfaces to harsh chemicals and doesn't weaken the sealant's protection on the tiles. Cleaning such a large area takes a lot of effort, but combining neutral cleaners and non-abrasive tools can do the trick for homeowners. Once the product has time to sit on the surface, you can use a mop or a towel to scrub off the residue, leaving the tiles looking spotless in little time. Pavers and outdoor surfaces are more exposed to dirt, but the right equipment can make all the difference to keep them looking as good as any other part of your home.

Sir Grout Space Coast has served countless homeowners and businesses with fantastic stone restoration services; the results speak for themselves. You can count on our specialists to deliver outstanding results, so don't miss this chance. You can call (321) 450-7440 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates. If you live in Cocoa, our techs are ready to impress you with our stone cleaning skills!
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