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Our Stone Polishing Crew Impressed a Homeowner in Titusville with the Restoration of Her Kitchen Floor

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April 28, 2024

Most people are used to spending hours in the kitchen, either working on a meal or cleaning after stains that appear at any point of the day. This was the case for a homeowner in Titusville who didn't want to look at a soiled floor while she went about her daily activities. Usually, she loved the tile's contemporary design, but she couldn't focus on that when she first saw traces of dirt on the stone.

Kitchen Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Titusville
The floor needed to be polished, and the homeowner knew that additional steps were required to preserve the surface through hours of foot traffic. She went online looking for stone cleaning service in Titusville and was pleased to see that Sir Grout Space Coast met all her criteria. After taking her time browsing our picture gallery, she headed to our online scheduler. She completed her request in only a few minutes.

On the scheduled date, our techs visited her house for an in-home evaluation, and the homeowner immediately recognized their uniform and the identification on their vehicle. Once in the kitchen area, they inspected the floor, focusing on checking the stone tiles for any damage. While the client had done her best to showcase the floor's beauty, marks left by shoe prints and spills kept the floor from looking smooth. Moreover, despite its dynamic design, the stone surface had lost all its shine, looking sad and dull. After reviewing the problems of using traditional cleaners on natural stone surfaces, our specialists offered their services to restore the kitchen floor. They needed to deep clean the surface before polishing the tiles and seal the floor for good measure, so they outlined the process for the client so she could make an informed decision. By that point, she trusted our crew's expertise, so she didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment for the restoration.

Our specialists returned later that week, as requested by the client during their first visit. This time, they brought all the necessary equipment to polish and seal the surface, so they got to work as soon as the client led them back to the kitchen. They deep-cleaned the floor with a high-speed cleaner after letting our stone-safe cleaner permeate the surface for a few minutes.

Then, they honed the floors using three sets of diamond pads, each set with a different level of grit. As they increased the grit, our experts removed all the etch marks on the floor, leaving the tiles with a nice matte finish. At this point, the surface was ready for the next step, so our techs used special polishing powders until the floor regained its natural shine.

Near the end of the restoration, our techs got ready to seal the surface. They recolored the black grout with ColorSeal and applied stone sealant on the tiles for the last time before buffing the floor. Sir Grout's acrylic-based sealant provides lasting protection to withstand moisture, foot traffic, and the effects of wear and tear. Despite their durability, stone surfaces sustain a lot of damage when exposed to external elements, so our sealant can save homeowners a lot of hassle.

After another successful restoration, our crew was ready to show off the result. The floor looked amazing, and the homeowner loved how the sleek surface showed all the colors and shapes on the tiles. She couldn't wait to invite her friends and family into her kitchen, and she planned to tell them about Sir Grout Space Coast.

Before leaving the house, our techs took a moment to share some additional cleaning pointers. They told the client to avoid bleach and other chemical-based cleaners and to replace them with pH-neutral products. For instance, Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner permeates stone surfaces without affecting their color or the sealant's protection, so it's the safest way to deal with stains. Our product removes food residue, grease, grime, mud, and other elements, and homeowners don't have to worry about spreading toxic fumes across the kitchen while doing their chores. The right tools can also make all the difference when preserving natural stone for a long time. As our techs explained, a stone floor will quickly collect new scratch marks when you use steel wool and other sharp tools. Using a clean mop, a towel, or a terry cloth is safer in the long run, on top of being more effective overall.

Our last recommendation was a general reminder to open the windows and doors throughout the day. This way, the kitchen area will get enough fresh air to counter moisture buildup and all its problems.

If you want the most skilled professionals to deal with your stone surfaces, you can trust the specialists at Sir Grout Space Coast. Our restoration services solve common issues like etching, discoloration, and more. We're here to meet your requests so that you can trust us with your kitchen surfaces or any other part of your home. Just call (321) 450-7440 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment with our specialists. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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