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This Floor in Palm Bay Looks Gorgeous Thanks to Our Stone Polishing Experts

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February 29, 2024

A large patio is the perfect spot to have fun with your loved ones or relax on your own. It's a nice space where homeowners can take some fresh air without stepping too far from their homes. Of course, pavers need as much care as any other part of the house, and direct exposure to the elements can make routine cleaning more taxing than expected.

Patio Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Palm Bay
A homeowner in Palm Bay knew that her stone paver needed professional assistance after her first few unsuccessful attempts to get shoe prints off the tiles. The backdoor patio was her favorite part of the house, partly because of the elegant tiles adorning the floor. Such a delicate surface required a meticulous hand, so the homeowner started looking for the right stone polishing services in Palm Bay.

She'd expected to spend her afternoon looking into all the options and was pleasantly surprised to find Sir Grout Space Coast right away, sitting at the top of her online search results. After checking our services and our picture gallery, the homeowner knew she'd found the solution. She contacted us via our scheduler to request an in-home evaluation, and our techs visited her home the very next day.

They inspected the stone floor, looking at all the signs of etching and discoloration. Its surface had a beautiful pattern of black and orange tiles but external factors had weakened its shine. Obviously, foot traffic and dirt from the backyard had left a mark on the stone, but chemical cleaners had also roughened up the surface to the point that it didn't glow like it used to. Despite all this, the client had worked hard to preserve the floor and it showed. All it needed was our professional polishing service to regain its brand-new look. Our experts described Sir Grout's restoration process after their evaluation; they needed to use their special equipment to clean the tiles more thoroughly, followed by a honing and polishing job. To complete the process, they would apply stone sealant on the surface to provide long-term protection against external elements.

Following the homeowner's request at the end of their first visit, our techs returned a few days later to work on the floor. The first step was cleaning the surface, so they applied a stone-safe formula and ran a high-speed scrubber on the floor. Our cleaner simplifies the process and saves a lot of time, eliminating common stains in minutes. There's no need to use any other products just to get a thorough result.

Then, our experts honed the tiles with three sets of diamond pads. Each set had a different level of grit so it was only a matter of repeating the process until the stone took a nice matte finish. After our techs eliminated all the marks and signs of deterioration, they polished the surface with high-quality powders. Their work left a soft glow all over the floor and restored the tiles' striking look.

Our crew applied stone sealant all over the floor and buffed the surface thoroughly, making sure that no part of the stone was left untouched. This powerful sealant is the ultimate protection you need on your natural surfaces; it repels external elements and minimizes the risks of scratches and etching on the tiles, even when they're subjected to constant foot traffic.

Once the floor met the expected standards, our techs called the client outside to see the result. She was delighted by what she saw and thanked our specialists many times for doing such an excellent job on the patio floor. She also remarked on how the patio brought a nice mix of elegance and cheerfulness, the perfect setting to welcome friends and family.

Before leaving the client's home, our specialists gave some additional cleaning pointers to help her keep her floor in top condition. Traditional cleaners can do a lot of harm when used repeatedly on stone surfaces. PH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner represent the best option to preserve the tiles' natural beauty. Our product ensures that no dirt remains on the surface and preserves the stone against wear and tear. It won't prompt discoloration because there are no harsh chemicals damaging the tiles.

PH-neutral cleaners are the first step to counter the signs of etching, but there are other ways to keep a smooth surface. Non-abrasive tools like a mop or a towel will work best when scrubbing the dirt that gets stuck on the porous surface. If you go for something sharper, like a steel wool, you're likely to leave deep scratch marks behind and hours of cleaning won't help conceal the damage. Other than that, a timely routine with multiple cleaning sessions per week is all you need to keep your stone surfaces looking as good as new. Our experts shared all these tips with the client and left with the satisfaction of a job well done.

If you want to elevate the beauty of your stone floors, Sir Grout Space Coast is the answer you've been looking for. Our thorough stone polishing services always bring jaw-dropping results, and our techs set the standard for hard surface restoration. We're ready to assist you so feel free to call (321) 450-7440 or schedule a free quote to request an appointment. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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