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Our Stone Polishing Experts Restored This Beautiful Counter in Titusville

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December 06, 2023

Marble is a favored material among many homeowners. Its beauty makes even the most hectic parts of a home look elegant and sophisticated. Natural stone surfaces are highly resistant to wear and tear, making marble counters common in many bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. With these odds, dealing with indelible etch marks on your marble surfaces can be hard.

Marble Countertop Before and After a Stone Polishing in Titusville
A couple in Titusville had been trying to stop the spread of etch marks on their bathroom counter. They'd tried popular cleaning brands and homemade cleaners, making the stains more evident on the flat surface. Disappointed by their lack of success, the couple decided to ask the opinion of our Titusville stone polishing specialists.

They'd found Sir Grout Space Coast a few days before while looking for cleaning tips. While the couple had been amazed by our picture gallery, they'd decided to bookmark our website for the time being, hoping to find the solution on their own just like they had in the past. This time, they went to our scheduler and requested an in-home evaluation.

Our techs responded without delay. They visited the couple's house a few days later to see the bathroom counter. It wasn't hard for them to spot the damage on the flat surface. On top of several ring marks marring the marble, there were signs of discoloration and other effects to consider. The counter's rundown look was very unappealing, so it faded into the background until you got close enough to see the stains. The marble surface needed work, but our techs were sure there was no permanent damage to ruin the counter's original value. They also explained that natural stone doesn't respond well to exposure to traditional cleaners and that these products are ineffective at removing embedded dirt. A thorough stone polishing session would restore the stone's former beauty, so the couple didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment once our techs described the process.

The clients were expecting us on the agreed-upon date, and our crew arrived on time to make the best of the day. They cleaned the countertop with a stone-safe product and reviewed their progress multiple times to ensure no leftover stains. Our product helped a lot on this end, loosening the stickiness of the marble in a few minutes.

Following this, our techs got ready to hone the stone. They used multiple sets of diamond pads and ran each set on the surface, gradually increasing the level of grit. In no time, all the etch marks had disappeared, and our experts knew that they could start polishing when the stone had taken a nice matte finish. They applied high-end polishing powders to bring back the level of luster that all marble surfaces are expected to have. By the end, the counter looked better than it had in months.

The restoration was a success, and our clients praised our work as soon as they entered the bathroom. They couldn't stop admiring the counter while thanking our specialists for their excellent services. There was no doubt in their mind that Sir Grout Space Coast was the ideal solution to restore stone surfaces from any damage.

Still, the couple was worried about not preserving the countertop's brand-new look. Our specialists understood their concerns and shared some of their wisdom, describing the necessary steps in a successful cleaning routine. First, they told the couple that avoiding chemical-based cleaners was essential when dealing with marble and other hard surfaces around the house. They recommended pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get better results without any of the downsides attached to other common brands. Our product is second to none when removing stains and stickiness, with enough cleaning power to enhance the stone's resistance to etching and deterioration. Its chemical-free composition rules out any chance of discoloration, keeping toxic fumes out of your living spaces. As our techs explained, clean towels and terry cloths are the best addition to our product in a weekly cleaning routine. This combination removes the most common stains without scratching natural stone surfaces.

Thanks to a high-end ventilation system, homeowners could minimize many of the consequences of moisture buildup. Still, high-traffic surfaces are always more vulnerable to stains. Our specialists recommended keeping a towel nearby to clean any sudden spills and changing the placement of some shower products to avoid ring marks on the counter.

Have you spent hours trying to get any shine out of your marble surfaces? Sir Grout Space Coast has the solution you need. Our experts have provided the best stone restoration services for years, earning us a glowing reputation in Titusville and surrounding areas. Let us surprise you; you'll have marble surfaces that will look amazing for a long time. Just call (321) 450-7440 or schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our latest promotions and updates.
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